Renewable Energy Eng.

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Program Overview

MedTech is the only institution in Tunisia to date to offer a degree in this important and cutting-edge area of engineering. Renewable energy is a broad field of engineering integrating the areas of alternative energy sources, energy efficiency, energy services, facilities management, plant engineering, and environmental compliance.

Our graduates shall be qualified to investigate the potential of renewable energy technologies, solve the technical, economic, and environmental problems associated with renewable energy plants, and audit energy-intensive industrial installations and suggest ways to improve energy efficiency and economy.

Our engineering students are provided with a solid foundation in entrepreneurship and in business management, including finance and operations management. They also receive training in the important areas of engineering ethics, safety regulations and standards, as well as technical writing, and effective presentation skills.

Training is delivered over four semesters after a common core program of 2 years shared with other engineering programs. Two semesters in the final 18 months before graduations are spent in a Coop program working on an approved final project at a local or international industrial partner.

Junior Year

Senior Year