Software Engineering

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Program Overview

Software is a critical component of almost any automated system in use today, from mission-critical applications on airplanes and spacecraft, to modern health equipment, power and industrial plants and gaming consoles. As a result, building software systems for reliability, performance, and maintainability is a vital skill in today’s modern society.

The MedTech Software Engineering program provides engineering students with a solid training in the theoretical and technical aspects of reliable high-performance software systems. The program also trains students in the managerial aspects of software engineering including project and team management. The program is built on a solid foundation in the general areas of hardware and software systems and networks, and includes advanced training in software process and management, software architecture and design patterns, and software quality assurance.

Graduates of the software engineering program are in high demand by local and international firms specializing in software development, system integration, migration and maintenance.

Our engineering students are provided with a solid foundation in entrepreneurship and in business management, including finance and operations management. They also receive training in the important areas of engineering ethics, technical writing, and effective presentations.

Training is delivered over four semesters after a common core program of 2 years shared with other engineering programs. Two semesters in the final 18 months before graduations are spent in a Coop program working on an approved final project at a local or international industrial partner.

Junior Year

Senior Year